LSCP Training is the brain child of Websposure Ltd. LSCP Training was set up by Websposure as an answer to all the issues that all LSCP’s face when trying to offer Training courses within its community.

Websposure Ltd. is a company with years of experience meeting the needs of clients in the public and the private sectors. We know how to deliver effective, secure websites and web based software and more importantly we know how to deliver all projects on time and on budget.

Our initial LSCPTraining project was developed and deployed for Websposure not only provided the training module but it delivered the entire content managed website. And it was done so that technology not only provided needed services within the framework imposed by recent budget cuts, but made sure that the training module and the content managed website had the high quality that is essential for your community.

Recent budget cuts mean that Local Authorities have fewer resources with which to deliver the same results. Technology allows for excellence in the provision of service. It is the most cost effective way to deliver service and make sure that local communities do not suffer.

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