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We called an LSCP within our local borough. We spoke to a Business Support Officer, and asked if they were involved in the process of arranging training for local agencies and practitioners alike. She said she was.

We asked the officer if her daily tasks included things like –

  • Getting a mail or phone call from a practitioner looking for training. Can you email me or send me a form?
  • Once form is received by your Business Support Officer do they have to input all the information manually into some excel spreadsheet ?
  • Do they then have to keep a track of who wants to come on the course and how many people.
  • Do they then have to arrange the course, based on the potential attendance, to be setup at the right venue.
  • Do they then have to manage Trainer, Trainee, Venue Cancellation, rebooking, move, etc..?
  • Do they have to manually notify each and every individual about cancellations and

And on and And on…

She stopped us mid sentence and said “yes, yes, yes….it takes up most of my day.”

We asked if the LSCP she was working for would be interested in looking at a product that would automate all the manual tasks, allowing us to free the staff’s time up for doing more end user focused tasks as opposed to Admin. In a flash she said “does such a product exist?”

Within days we were invited by the LSCP to do a complete demo of our product. 30 minutes later we were told it is perfect for all their needs. We are on the verge of delivering the product to this LSCP imminently.

If you are suffering from the same issues that we have mentioned above. Please pick up the phone and call us. We will visit you and give you a complete demo of this Cost Cutting application at no cost to you.

Please also know that unlike most other products we can deploy the product, have your staff trained and using the product in less than 4 weeks. Let us be your trusted technology partners and deliver a better service to your community for less.

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